Tu Me Manque…



After reading the NME’s Rock Stars We Miss The Most feature, I began feeling nostalgic; as many of you who know me personally are aware, I often express deep and mournful regret at the lack of current lady bands working outside of the mainstream.

Sorry, let me correct myself: regret at the lack of decent lady bands working outside the mainstream. Bands who have something more to say than “he’s an asshole, boys suck YEAH”.

I become particularly heartbroken when the few bands I love love love, go and commit perfectly selfish acts and disband during my listening lifetime. The horrid realization that you are never going to be able to see them play (again), the sinking feeling when you finally come to terms with there never being any new music… Heartbreaking.

I wish this lot were still making music. If I could bring them all back, I would.

Maybe I could do a Justin Lee Collins and organize some sort of reunion.

You with me?


5. Pretty Girls Make Graves

4. Sleater Kinney

3. Rainer Maria

2. Honey is Cool

1. The Organ


Annette Barlow

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