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The Girls Are Podcast No. 2 (Right click to download).

Ultra Vivid Scene featuring Kim Deal
– Special One
4AD late 80s band fronted by Kurt Ralske with lots of comparisons made between Velvet Underground and Jesus and Mary Chain. Kim Deal of The Pixies/The Breeders/The Amps is guest vocalist on this track.

Blue On Blue – Incarnation
Your dear podcast host’s band. This can either be seen as shameless plugging or exclusive airing of a brand new track. Your pick. (ed. clearly the latter)

The Chills – Pink Frost
Ok so I snuck this on here but it is valid as the band had a female drummer. I’m completely obsessed with this track which was played to me last week by my friend Antti in Berlin. The Chills were a New Zealand band around in the late 80s.

The Amps – Tipp City
Kim Deal’s side project whilst still in The Breeders. Her sister Kelley went off and did the highly underrated Kelley Deal 6000 project at the same time. I guess it must get too much being twins and in the same band. Thankfully they got great things out of their system and came back to The Breeders.

The History of Apple Pie – Out Of View
A brand new band by two friends of mine – Stephanie and Jerome. It’s a perfect spring/summer track reminiscent of The Raveonettes and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. I look forward to hearing a lot more from them!

The Sapphires – Who Do You Love?
One of my all-time favourite songs from this 60s group. And the story of my life….

Madder Rose – Panic On
I am desperately seeking a copy of Beautiful John which is nowhere to be found so settled for the very good, Panic On. Madder Rose were a definitive female-fronted 90s band who never really got that far. Great band though.

Look Blue Go Purple – Cactus Cat
Contemporaries of The Chills who I played earlier, amazing female indie pop band from New Zealand who were also signed to the legendary Antipodean indie label, Flying Nun Records.

Shocking Blue – Hello Darkness
A woman with balls. Yes. What a voice! Infamous for the female lady shave ad (Venus) and Nirvana covering Love Buzz but this Dutch band are absolutely phenomenal.

Belly – Silverfish
The first band I ever saw live who I fully credit with putting me firmly on the path of rock n’ roll. I love Tanya Donnelly – her voice, her lyrics, her guitar playing…This one of the many beautiful tracks from their fabulous second album, King.

One Take Wonderful – Ignite
Solo musician Michelle Hughes from New Zealand (3rd NZ artist to be played in this podcast) who records all her beautiful, eclectic music in one take. Reminds me of Stina Nordenstam and Devics. Amazing tunes.

Beastellabeast – Velvet
Stella and Beatrice are the duo behind cult London act, Beastellabeast. Velvet is a beautifully wistful and dark soundscape showcasing the band’s musicianship and Beatrice’s sultry, astounding singing voice.

Bambi Stress – Sesamoid
Fever Ray dark style musings by London based artist Ida Adriana Popescu-Marnoch. Beautiful jagged punk jazz. I love it.


Dee Sada


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