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Kelli Frances Corrado might look like she should be in Alisha’s Attic (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking from someone as hopelessly infatuated with 90s girl-pop nostalgia as me), but the Seattle songwriter’s sound is entirely her own.

Following former lives as a tap dancer and army wife, as well as a four-year history of vocal and guitar duties with ambient noisesters Arkade, Kelli’s solo efforts feature soundscapes recorded in an assortment of weird and wonderful places, including a sea plane port, church, boat house and warehouse with six-second reverb.¬†And although she’s still relatively unknown in the UK, lately many an influential music biz type have been giving her rave reviews, from the owners of Fat Cat and Light in the Attic Records to the almighty Ruth Barnes from The Other Woman.

Produced by Brian Deck (a chap of many talents who has worked with Modest Mouse and Iron & Wine), Kelli’s latest track The Swan Initiative has that scratchy lo-fi evocative edge that reminds me of comedowns on grey afternoons, soundtracked by bootleg cassettes with their liquorice spaghetti insides stretched and distorted from being played too many times.

Coupling bittersweet, ethereal vocals with grandiose violins and cellos, underscored by a sinister metronome of pulsing drums, the finished tracks are dark, atmospheric and enchanting, reminiscent of The Howling Bells, Bat for Lashes or Black Box Recorder. Deliciously seductive, Kelli’s songs get into your head and under your skin, like an obsessive teenage crush. Keep a close watch on this one, because I’m sure she’ll be stellar before long.


Jane Bradley
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