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It’s not often I wish for a car. What with their cash-guzzling antics, propensity to break down and their environment-bullying antics, I do not see the appeal  (although I am certainly not too proud to jump into the motor-vessel of a friend, should I need a lift or owt) but very occasionally an out-of-London gig will pop up that causes yearnings for motored transport of my very own. Oh! To hop in my voiture and sail down the… whatever road takes you to Bristol, on a whim.


Alas, I (quite rightly) am not permitted on the roads, given that I have no sense of impending danger, zero spatial awareness and a bad habit of becoming distracted by such things as changing the CD, looking out the window or just generally being bored of only doing one thing at a time. Which ultimately means I cannot attend the Je Suis Animal gig in Bristol tonight. Balls.

Hitting the town as a pre-Green Man festival warm up, tonight’s show sees the psychedelic pop quintet joined by the girls are favourites The Hysterical Injury, the brilliant Drunk Granny and acoustic dreamlette Joyce the Librarian. If you are allowed to drive, and have the inclination, head on down to The Croft. At £7 a pop, you’ve got yourselves a West Country bargain.

Annette Barlow

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