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Grass Widow @ Old Blue Last
30 Sept 2010

An atmosphere of hype and electricity spreads through the tiny but packed room as the crowd waits in anticipation for Grass Widow to knock us for six with their sweet lo-fi pop. The San Francisco trio’s debut gig is sold out and full of punters who wanted to hear the sound of Olympia jangle through the lo-fi songs.

The band carries the crowd on a wave of harmonious bliss as they make their way through a varied set list which includes gems from the band’s latest release Past Time. Grass Widow manage to veer from lo-fi twee to ripped up riot grrrl without ever sounding out of place, the glorious 11 of Diamonds being a perfect example of this.

While the band have not changed immensely since their debut release, they have matured slightly with influences from Sleater-Kinney and Stereolab creeping into a riff here and there and creating the rumbling bass lines that shake their way through the set list and send shivers down my spine.

Grass Widow’s most well known song To Where from their debut EP goes down well causing the usually stony faced, dance floor static Shoreditch hipsters to break out a smile and bop vigorously to the beat. The girls sway to and fro, singing their girl group melodies, confident that their brand of grrrl group pop is here to stay.


Steph Phillips.
Photography by Balk for the girls are. For the full gig gallery, click here.


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