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Well well well, what an epic snooze-fest this week’s X Factor proved to be. Cher reverted back to her bad-rapping, lip-curling derivative self, Mary curled up and died under the pressure of yet another dull ballad, Treyc shouted her way through another catastrophy and Katie did the one thing I thought was impossible: being so annoying that my desire to lamp her actually increased. Had thought I was maxed out on Waissel-related venom, but it seems butchering a No Doubt song was all that was needed to tip me over the edge (that, and the moment she actually said, out loud, in public, on the telly, that she ‘vibed off the audience’. GAK).

Even my beloved Rebecca let me down – could they have chosen a more zzzz-worthy number for her to perform? Methinks she needs to get a little bit fierce. Do you remember the moment when Alexandra Burke stopped being a a nice girl with a great voice, and started being a VIXEN? Some of that please….


Annette Barlow


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  • hannamade says:

    Oh but I loved this, LOVED it I tell you. I agree though, would be amazing to see her get her vixen on.

    • She is so good, and she did the song justice for sure… It was just a really dull and obvious song choice. You know? I definitely want to see her amp it up a little. Maybe something a little more upbeat…. Hmm.