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I’m a lady who loves good music and delicious food. If I can rock out and eat a cake, then I’m a happy grrrl. I suspect I’m not alone in my appreciation of these two things. Just admit it, when you went to that last gig, didn’t at least part of you want tea, coffee and a range of baked goods to be served at the bar, instead of tepid beer and sweaty peanuts?

Luckily for me, some bands have clearly felt similarly, thoughtfully combining these two pleasures in the perfect delicacy: a song that sings of food.

Some of these songs are dressed with a sprinkling of humour and have brilliant lyrical moments guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Take Lady Sovereign’s gem of a line “crack open them twiglets so we can munch them like piglets”. Or Lunachicks exclamation of “gimme a dozen”, as they request donuts. That kind of enthusiasm for food must be respected.

Others have bypassed the humour and stuck to what they know best. Blondie deliver fast-paced punk and Kimya Dawson uses a sweet melody to address a social issue.

As a feminist I’m also ever conscious of the flood of explicit and more subtle media messages that women and food should never be seen together. These songs offer a refreshing antidote, generously embracing food and other pleasures.

So, grab your favourite foodstuff and get ready to throw some shapes. Mind those crumbs.


5. Blondie – Eat To The Beat


4. Lady Sov – Food Play


3. Kiyma Dawson – Sunbeams And Some Beans


2. Bis – Kandy Pop


1. Lunachicks – MMM Donuts

Kathy Badcock

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