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Scared to Capsize

You may remember the winner of our Just A Girl competition last year – She Makes War. The judges and voting public fell in love with her DIY, feminist ethos which she so lovingly applied to her gloom-pop creations. After the success of her (brilliant) debut album Disarm, the South-London lass is now concentrating on her follow up, for which she has set up a Pledge Music campaign.

Any and all pledgers who contribute to making her album a reality (and she is already 57% of the way there) get in return a download of the new album including a PDF of artwork, their name in the artwork as a massive thank you, a download of B-sides, demos and live tracks not available anywhere else, a special Pledger only video, audio, photo and blog updates from now until the album comes out, and last but not least “that fuzzy warm feeling you get when you help make something happen”.

We’re pretty darned excited about the prospect of album number two. Excited and impatient. So until the Postie delivers it to our door, we’ll be playing this video on repeat.



Click here for more details of She Makes War‘s Pledge campaign.


Annette Barlow
Photograph by Melissa North for the girls are.


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