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Ghosts You Echo @ The Windmill
21 July 2011


Ghosts You Echo are old favourites of the girls are. We’ve charted their progress for a while now as they play their way around the London circuit, and the hard work shows. Tonight’s performance at the Windmill is confident and slick; all 5 members looked totally comfortable in their skins, and it gives the show a visceral cohesiveness.

Opener ‘Erika’, from their Lifeline EP (released 8th March this year), introduce the band perfectly, bringing in each member piece by piece until they fill the rowdy yet attentive room. Earlier, a group of punters are overheard even discussing the merits of their sound check. There is anticipation in the air.

The venue lends itself to raw performances, and Ghosts You Echo are certainly raw. At no point is there any possibility of mistaking these guys for a group of pretenders or showbiz wannabes, and the charisma of the songs and the performers come across in no uncertain terms.

This band are here for a reason, and it’s to play music. They have ambition. It’s tough to get the right balance with so many instruments and changeovers, but the songs keep moving, and communicate the mood extremely well, with each member confident in their own space but at no point deviating into solipsism or shoe gazing.

Ghosts You Echo punch above their weight. They could take it massively further by introducing some visual element (think Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), but never at the expense of the comfort of the band, which is so vital to keep this believable.


Were you there? What did you think?

Geoff Courts


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