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Jessie J

Jessie J

The music business has, for tens of years, been a place for individuality, creativity, passion, beliefs, romance, anger, and just about anything else that makes us human , to be explored, developed and displayed to our counterparts. I absolutely love being involved in such a colourful and diverse industry that’s not only welcoming, but extremely supportive of everything different and original. History has taught us that we girls have always been subject to oppression, to being controlled, our voice didn’t stand a chance, but over the years, this has changed. To be honest, at the moment being a girl is absolutely incredible – especially a British girl.

However, I’m going to focus on a small group of girls in the music industry who seem to be kicking ass more than ever, and day by day, I am proud to say that I come across such an array of exciting, talented and fun loving group of girls who are representing for the LGBTQ girls in the music industry. Lady Gaga is renowned all over the world for her creativity, her anthemic songs that are utterly groundbreaking, her sheer individuality and for her campaigning to get equal rights for LGBTQ members of the American army. Pink has been a gay icon for many years, with a fighting attitude, and an unwillingness to change, just because massive record companies wanted her to fit an ‘image’ (remember ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me?’)

The huge commercial and populist success of these artists can be attributed to a craving to break the mould and explore new realms of creativity within an often homogenous arena. Over here in Britain, we have some fantastic girls to look up to, who are the next generation of role models, not least Lady Sovereign and Jessie J. They both share this no-nonsense approach to creating energetic, cutting edge music and not letting anyone get in their way.

So what do all these ladies have in common? Well, we can all relate to them. They all represent where we come from, what we desperately seek and what we can envelop ourselves in when we don’t know where else to turn for inspiration, power and hope.

The most exciting part of all is that there are constantly new and inspirational artists who are bursting on the to music scene and are paving the way for even more individualised ideas and imagination. I’ve compiled 5 LGBTQ girls you need to look out for who are either dominating the scene or just about to boil over the cusp.

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These two have got it all. They are creative geniuses who are filled with imaginative ideas and concepts, and they are strong believers that we girls need to stick together, no matter what. RedNPink have a spirit that can’t be beaten and are symbolic of everything that’s right in the music industry today. Check out their video for their single ‘Badman’, and watch this space for more news from these guys.

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Uh Huh Her

We all remember Alice from the L Word don’t we? Well, Leisha Hailey is now paired up with Camila Gray, who can boast an amazing portfolio, having worked with the likes of Melissa Auf de Maur, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes and Kelly Osbourne. Leisha actually left the music industry in order to take part in the L Word, but she’s now back and back with a vengeance. The duo decided to call themselves Uh Huh Her after a PJ Harvey album. Check out their video for ‘Not A Love Song’.

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Laura Steel

Laura Steel is a critically acclaimed artist that ticks all the boxes. She’s got an epic attitude, stunning explosive on stage presence and some anthemic tunes. If you’re into electric pop, then this is the girl for you. I predict some amazing things ahead for Laura, and if I’ve got the chance to catch a show, I’m going to be all over it… as you should be too.

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Sia‘s ballad ‘Breathe Me’ became an instant hit and caused fans to flock to her side, turning her into one of the most celebrated women vocalists of recent years. She’s loved globally, and her music is being well received from all corners of our lovely little planet. She’s also the partner of Le Tigre alumnus and MEN mastermind, JD Samson.

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Christina Novelli

Last but definitely not least, we have Christina Novelli. Another up and coming talent that’s taking the local London music scene by storm, and just inches away from becoming a new star all over our British Isles. Christina appeared on the hit channel 5 show ‘Candy Bar Girls’, and since then she’s appeared on the cover of DIVA magazine. It seems like there’s no stopping her, and with exciting plans in place to catapult her into success in 2012, the world is her oyster, as we say. Check her video for ‘Concrete Angel’.

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