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Rock in your Pocket are a three piece hailing from Bristol, and have been playing live for the last year, gaining fans everywhere they go. With their grunge-tinged rock reminiscent of Queen Adreena and catchy riffs, it’s no surprise that they have gone down so well with their live performances. Lead singer and bass player Charlie Beddoes is joined by Ben Fisher on guitar and Jake Luxton on the drums.

Rock in Your Pocket’s music is arguably something that has been lacking in recent years in the women-fronted music scene – it’s refreshing to hear something that isn’t in the operatic rock style favoured by bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation, or the ‘Brit School’ graduate style that’s been so fashionable lately, by artists like Adele. For the first time in what seems like too long, here is a woman-fronted band with a heavy edge and great guitar riffs. There is certainly a grunge element to it, as well as a dash of punk here and there. With Charlie’s gritty but enticing vocals, and the dirty bass, and heavy guitar, Rock In Your Pocket, are a band that are in charge and not to be messed with.

They released their first EP the download only The Ugly Face of Rage last June and have had one of their tracks included on the Inner City Gritz Transmission compilation album. The band released their latest single ‘Doubtbox’ in June and have lots of gigs lined up around the country, the next gig is on the 31st August at the Fleece in Bristol, and more details for other gigs can be found on their MySpace page.

Hayley Foster Da Silva

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