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Doe Paoro, ‘Slow To Love,’ Doe Paoro

With her latest release, ‘Slow to Love’, Brooklyn-based Doe Paoro truly establishes the multiplicity of her talent.

‘Slow to Love’ is the title track from Paoro’s debut album and is her most pared down release so far. The word “slow” is telling – but what this song lacks in the crescendo choruses and dubstep drumbeats of her previous two releases, it makes up for in a kind of intimacy. Without the layered vocals it could easily be mistaken for a live recording.

The honest lyrics and Tibetan-influence of her vocals place this track firmly in the singer’s self-defined genre of ‘Ghost Soul’, while the strings compliment Paoro’s voice without distracting. ‘Ghost Soul’ is a tough genre to define, but probably pertains to haunting vocals and melancholic themes, which ‘Slow to Love’ definitely has in abundance. On the rest of the album, Doe Paoro’s voice has an Adele meets Lisa Gerrard feel, but here the stripped down instruments give the singer an almost a capella sound at times, allowing Paoro to come into her own – and she is peerless.

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Slow to Love is a beautiful album and is worth listening to in its entirety. You can download it from her bandcamp.

Stephanie Davies

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