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Nude is the exciting debut album from London based three piece Bleech. The two sisters Katherine and Jen, alongside drummer Matt have built a name up for themselves over the years. Originally named Slummin Angels, they have garnered a solid reputation for their live performances. Nude lives up to the expectations long term fans may have had and, for the new listener, Bleech are a thrilling new band to hear, indeed. If you like the sound of Brit Pop mixed in with rock guitar riffs and indie melodic vocals, then you need to get acquainted with this band.

The first track is one of the band’s long term successful songs called ‘Weirdo’, a great start to the album with the lyrics dripping with attitude “to be loved you by you is such a waste of time” set to a grungy yet summery backdrop of guitar riffs. The sassy attitude continues in ‘Break My Nose’- “I don’t wanna talk about it/ I don’t wanna know.” Whilst ‘Weirdo’ sets the album off to a stunning start, it is by no means the best song on the album, there is the romping ‘Monday’ which seems made for a single release with it’s catchy lyrics and frantic pace as well as ‘Holiday’, which is reminiscent of early Feeder songs; it’s slow build up to a radio friendly summery chorus. There are slower tracks too like the delicate ballad ‘Flowerhands’ which even includes a harmonica solo and violins.

Overall, Nude is the perfect soundtrack to your summer, even if the sun isn’t shining outside, this album is bound to make you feel like it is. There’s something to suit all tastes and whilst you can note some obvious influences in some of the songs (Elastica springs to mind), the vast majority sounds unique and the girls are feel Bleech are destined for great things.

Bleech are currently touring through Europe playing various venues in France and Germany, but you can catch them here in the UK for the album launch taking place at The Borderline in London on 22nd June. Full listings can be found on the bands website.

Have you heard Bleech yet? What do you make of the bands recent release? Let us know your thoughts from the Album Launch party too!

Hayley Foster da Silva

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