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Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep @ Rough Trade Records East, 8 Aug

Some wise old egg once said that strength comes in numbers. It’s certainly true to surmise that our 90s girl power gusto couldn’t be built on the Spice Girls dubious solo prospects alone while Salt n Pepa would have quite simply been, er…Salt without the other and could never have brewed up those rap spats without some sort of condiment counterpart. Even more modern day ensembles, like the 20 strong cry of TGA girl crush, Gaggle would struggle to be as fierce without their fellow empowered females on side.

Stealing Sheep are one such band. Quite capable of each chalking up their own impressive solo efforts, all with delicate and honeyed vocals and the bonny looks of a fair maiden, this Northern trio are as enchanting as your most psychedelic fairy tale. Bringing their spell binding sounds to Rough Trade Records this evening, Stealing Sheep showcase their debut album Into the Diamond with aplomb. Recent single and ultimate in sweet percussive hues and jovial handclaps, ‘Genevieve’ is just as dazzling as on the record. Grappling with a multitude of eclectic and mind boggling percussive trinkets, frankly these girls could rustle up a traditional lute and make it look cool.

Cue detailed and elaborate description of ‘the lush and lilting soundscape’ that the band evokes but doesn’t all this flowery prose seem a little irrelevant? It would be foolhardy to carve some sort of aural imagery of the bands sound using tired music critic prose particularly when the sound Steeling Sheep craft is far from well versed.

Reckless reviewing aside though, you simply can’t deny that with its trembling guitar trills and primal percussion, Into the Sun seems set to be Stealing Sheep’s very own flock of faultless dream pop brilliance. These three are set to bewitch a generation; let their spell wash over you.

Cheri Amour

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