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Local GirlsDeluxe Kicks, Sour Puss

Come on you myrmidons, come on you Angri-las, come on you ladies with the smirk and the swagger. Here’re some licks for you, some tricks and flicks. Some remarks spliced with lime and lager and set to an offbeat. There’s a reason each generation since punk’s year zero for lady musicality has a fistful of bands like Local Girls. The reason is that this sound is Cool.

It just sounds great.

Look: it’s pop. The kind of pop that makes you want to draw a tattoo on your knuckles by dragging a needle through your skin. That kind of pop. The sort that the girls with half shaved heads listen to. The kind you’d hang up your trainers for and buy doc martens. Or Converse. This has been done before, but it never goes out of style. This isn’t pure mimicry. We don’t have Poly Styrene un-resting in peace. This isn’t even an homage. This is some local girls doing their thing, that thing, the thing that makes girls cool, and doing it well.

Stop chewing that gum a second. Take a break from setting your jaw hard against the world. Listen: this is a good record, it’ll make you dance. In a cool way.

Arike Oke

Local Girls return to play live gigs in November. Will you be pogoing down the front or propping up the bar with a cynical raised eyebrow?

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