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Tender Trap, Step One, Fortune POP!, 20 August 2012

Tender Trap’s new single ‘Step One’ lays out a cut out n keep style guide for all-girl indie groups to rock the world. Reminiscent of Kenickie’s ‘Punka‘ in its call and response guidelines, it has none of the sarcastic bitterness on which that song’s wit relied. This is sunny funny indie with a popping candy bassline that crackles and bounces. Wild Flag brought back the kick ass to girl gang groups last year and now Tender Trap are encouraging girl bands to “eschew a manager/ choose a striking name…”. Amelia Fletcher should know a few tips on surviving as a woman musician, she’s a veteran of Tallulah Gosh, Heavenly and Marine Research.

‘Step One’ is the first single from new album, Ten Songs About Girls, which makes this track, a songs about girls singing songs on an album of songs about girls, deliciously meta. The sugar pop energy of ‘Step One’ continues the tradition of Bis, and perhaps nods towards a more belligerent sound than Tender Trap have previously presented. New member Emily Bennett (Betty and the Werewolves) replaces Allo Darlin’s Elizabeth Morris, but the chemistry still seems to work if ‘Step One’ is anything to go by.


Its witty lyrics weave in with the light layered vocals, creating a song that is a cheerful delight. Nodding along is a must, chair boogieing essential, punching the air optional.

Arike Oke

What are your top tips for female artists? Do you agree with Tender Trap?

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