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Genna Marabese @ 100 Club, London, 20 Oct

Undeterred by the lashings of rain and the inconvenience of underground cancellations the girls are arrive at the legendary 100 Club with moments to spare for the performance of Genna Marabese.

Genna Marabese (mara-bay-see) is an alternative singer songwriter conjuring up underground sounds about the dark side of love, death and desire. As she takes to the stage, all thigh highs, red lips and overlong fringe, she makes for a beguiling front-woman – much in the same tenant as Siouxsie Sioux or The Kills’, Alison Mosshart. It’s an intense trip, at times deranged, unpredictable yet utterly compelling.

The opening track ‘Walls’ is fast paced rolling rock; while strumming on her black electric guitar her vocals transmit a kind of controlled chaos – flitting between over-punctuated delivery and operatic-style wailing. It’s an unsettling sight at times – with her unpredictable hand gestures and hair tugging; it’s a bit like watching someone go through a nervous breakdown yet you’d be damned to take your eyes off her. Hysteria as spectacle? We hope not.

‘We are Animal’ her debut single, is a dark battle with your inner demon. The confident snarling in ‘The Birthday Party’ then contrasts with the lightness of ‘Geli Raubal’ and ‘Deal with the Devil’ performances for which she demonstrates her musical prowess on the electric piano. The finale ‘Lime’ is stripped back leaving her centre stage in this emotional ballad crooning about a love break up where you almost expect her to be clutching a bottle of JD to then crumple up on the stage in tears at the very end. But the stand out track of the night belongs to her current single ‘Masquerade’ – a powerful slice of rock n roll – though we are already in love.

Clare Tucker

Genna Marabese new single “Masquerade” is out on 29/10/12 via download.

Next gig 29 Oct @ Camden Barfly, London supporting We Cut Corners stage time 8pm.


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