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Marina and the Diamonds, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Bimbling

Marina and her Diamonds have stolen the hearts of fans with her new album, Electra Heart; realised just days after Electra Heart had reached completion and so not present on the UK version of EA (sob), How To Be A Heartbreaker is her third single to be released this year. This newest addition to her self-proclaimed “goth Britney” repertoire has whipped up a storm, our US cousins especially have fallen for her charms – her feisty lyricisms and 50s housewife -come-Malibu Barbie style having caused such a stir that she’s extended her American tour.

Marina’s modern pop music has an opulence that most popstrels find hard to achieve. The sumptuous vocals and layers of electronica which perforate her music make for a great dance track, however the mischievous lyrics contain a sorrowful self-awareness which acknowledges that the persona of Marina ‘Ice Queen’ is a result of heartbreak and pain.

Beginning with a simple guitar riff, HTBAH morphs into a club track consisting of a powerful bass line and increasing tempo; it features all of the trademark electro-beats of Primadonna, Homewrecker and Bubblegum Bitch. There’s also the exceptionally cheeky lyrics which Marina does so well, ‘Boys, they like a look of danger / We’ll get him falling for a stranger/ A player / Singing l-l-l-love you (at least I think I do)’, which is why we love her.

Like much of Electra Heart, How To Be A Heart Breaker, also contains an underlying issue of a ‘woman scorned’. Similar to tracks, Homewrecker and Power and Control, it deals with the power struggle between men and women and the unfortunate truth that nice girls finish last, “girls don’t want/ we don’t want our hearts to break/ In two, so it’s better to be fake/ Can’t risk losing love again babe”. True, maybe. However, which woman nursing a broken heart wants to be reminded of the cack hand that she was just dealt? Although an injection of cynicism is a common characteristic of Marina’s music this sneakily inserted verse just doesn’t appear to fit with the rest of the track, like a poorly executed afterthought.

On the whole, HTBAH has its merits, but cheer up Marina, we want our minx back!

Sarah Horney

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