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Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy, The Best of Eva Cassidy, Warner Music

The simplistic genius of a stunning voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar can often be over looked in modern musical trends. Should you be looking for music stripped back to its barest essentials, there is none greater than Eva CassidyThis wide collection of her greatest hits is perfect for any fan of show tunes, ballads, acoustic, soul, blues, and all stripped back and laid bare.

‘Fields of Gold’ is obviously the albums highlight, a song that will forever remain a shiver inducing classic, causing even the youngest fans to feel melancholic for summers of lost love. ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and ‘What A Wonderful World’ serve as stunning reimaginings of the originals, sung in the delicate tone not usually associated with these husky favourites.

‘Over The Rainbow’ is the greatest example of what Cassidy could do with a show tune. Already beloved for the innocent desire and lost hope portrayed by Judy Garland, Cassidy provides a mature insight into a song about the power of imagination of a better, brighter place. Cassidy chose to sing the songs she loved for the way they made her feel. In turn, she produced a legendary collection, taking classic songs known by all and breathing new life in to them.

Never does this album feel like a simple cover album – that is the power of Eva Cassidy, to take something you already know and love, and to make it feel entirely new. The Best of Eva Cassidy is essential not only for the current thousands of Cassidy fans, but for any lover of pure and simple fantastic music.

Gina Kershaw

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