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Hot Feet, ‘Wood House’, Independent

‘Wood House’ is the beautifully delicate lead single from quietly, upbeat folk act Hot Feet. Taken from the group’s debut EP, ‘Wood House’ is a modern folk tale, with marvelously quirky, country-blue undertones. Originating from Stroud in Gloucester, Hot Feet are a band who quite simply live and breathe the countryside. Not only are their day jobs fairly outdoorsy (one band member is actually a shepherd!), but ‘Wood House’ was written in a remote cabin in rural Sweden and the track was recorded in a studio in the Scottish highlands, accessible only by boat. These origins are apparent throughout this single – its sounds seem inspired by simplicity, nature, and windswept, organic beauty.

Guitars lead  ‘Wood House’ and, indeed, each track on this EP, with a distinct, intricate finger-picking style. Pretty, enigmatic melodies are interwoven throughout ‘Wood House’, creating a precise tapestry of acoustic guitar timbres. The beauty of these guitars is rivaled, however by vocals from lead singer Marianne Parrish whose delicate peal is crisp and beguiling, feisty and fragile. The “sing-songy” style of Parrish’s vocals beautifully fuse English folk and US country vocal styles and is at times quite reminiscent of the likes of Laura Marling and Lucy Rose. All this is backed by subtle rhythm and percussion, often tender and occasionally raucous.

‘Wood House” is available now to download as an independent self-release. Hot Feet have a number of live dates scheduled throughout December and into the New Year.

Maria Turauskis


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