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The Lovely Eggs, Wildlife, Cherryade Records

Wildlife is the fourth album released by Lancaster based duo, Holly Ross and David Blackwell otherwise known as The Lovely Eggs.

The album seems rather lengthy at eighteen tracks but the tracks vary greatly in length- from the seven seconds long ‘David’s Turn’ in which David appears as if he is about to sing instead of Holly, but cuts off right after he says “Now I’m about to sing a song, please stop me if I go out of tune…” to the four minute final track ‘The Castle’ with it’s almost medieval feel and added grungy guitar riff. But that’s all part of what makes The Lovely Eggs and their music so likeable. They don’t follow any set rules. They play in what style they feel like, and they will play a song to whatever length they feel is appropriate.

What else makes The Lovely Eggs and Wildlife so likeable? They write about normal everyday things. For instance- food. Food comes up frequently on songs on this album. ‘Green Beans’ is a catchy little number that will have you singing “I’m gonna cook you green beans” for days afterwards, and the song ‘Food’ boasting yet another catchy chorus about enjoying food. The Girls Are recently caught the pair on their recent tour and mentioned that they sometimes get asked why they have so many songs about food to which they replied ‘because we spend a lot of our lives eating which makes perfect sense, why not write songs about it?’  Well, especially when they’re this good!

Musically, Holly Ross’ vocals have a similar sweetness to that of Megan Thomas from Thomas Tantrum mixed with the familiarity of your best friend. The Lovely Eggs feel like a band you could go down the pub with. The music is a mix of punk, indie pop, riot grrrl and even touch of sixties girl groups. They go from screaming on ‘Don’t Patent That Shoe’ to psychedelic sounds on ‘Please Let Me Mooch Round Your House’.

The Lovely Eggs have just completed a fourteen date UK tour and are not planning any more UK dates until the summer.

Have you heard Wildlife yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Hayley Foster da Silva

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