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Big Deal @ 100 Club London, 3 Dec

When it comes to band dynamics, there’s something to be said for a well-executed boy meets girl meets mic, dual vocal. Whether it’s the jolting and nostalgic yelps of Frank and Kim to the sparse cool of Alison and Jamie, this two pronged approach is definitely the his and hers line of effortless songmanship. Of course, the Kills references don’t stop there when it comes to transatlantic outfit Big Deal with one part Cali- one part London in their makeup, not to mention the initial ‘are they- are they not?’ love lust questioning following their intimate first release back in September 2011.

Romances aside though, Big Deal play out their final date of the year supporting East London scenesters, Splashh tonight at the 100 club bubbling with brooding new sounds and hints at their soon-to-be-released sophomore effort. It’s not surprising then, having heard the fuzz laden tones of Big Deal’s new single, ‘Teradactol’, to see Alice Costello and Kacey Underwood joined by both bass and drums in live form – a far cry from their bashful and slight debut. TGA and fans alike are treated to an almost entirely new set of songs [although admittedly, this does make for limited song references] with similarly devoted and lovelorn lyricism’s as Costello coos ‘Driving in your car/I wanna be wherever you are/Asleep in the back seat/ there’s nothing more that I’ll ever need’. Yet, whilst still in hushed tones, these fresh sounds are soaked in a wash of squalling feedback and wandering bass lines.

First album track ‘Locked up’ does make it onto the set though for those avidly anticipating a sing along and, doused in distortion, the soaring sounds are cast out over the ears of the central London throng this evening. The band thank the crowd for listening and not running away but when watching a pair as awkwardly captivating as these two, it’s hard not to be drawn in.

The lights may have been out on the bands previous studio efforts but this performance hints at bright lights, big cities for the future.

Cheri Amour

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