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Rebekka Karijord

Rebekka Karijord

Rebekka Karijord, ‘Multi Coloured Hummingbird’, Control Freak Kitten

TGA’s favourite Norwegian musician and composer Rebekka Karijord has released ‘Multicolored Hummingbird’ as the second single from her 2012 album, We Become Ourselves. While the album’s first single ‘Use My Body While It’s Still Young’ was filled with pounding drums and an underlying air of unquiet desperation, this new song is an uplifting folk-pop offering with a much more mellow delivery. Karijord’s voice is enchanting and captivating as always, echoing in places to underlie the mystery inherent to the song’s subject matter and its hopeful lyrics, implicit in lines such as “I don’t want to sing / I’d rather be the song” and “I don’t want to dance / I’d rather be the movement”. Her vocals are accompanied by strings, while the melody and vocals flit gently over the notes but are never skittish.

Although it doesn’t appear chart-friendly on its first listen, ‘Multicolored Hummingbird’ has already received airplay on both BBC 2 and 6. While the first few seconds of the song’s twee intro wouldn’t be out of place in a laundry soap advertisement or indie movie soundtrack, during the cymbal-clashing crescendo of the song Karijord’s voice soars like a bird and leaves the listener far below. ‘Multicolored Hummingbird’ has an air of the unknowable. The whole track has the feeling not of a journey exactly, but a transition – of taking something beautiful and making it even more so, of taking something tangible and cocooning it until it emerges as something abstract and ethereal in just three and a half minutes.

Rebekka Karijord will begin a UK tour this month, starting at London Borderline on January 16. Tickets are on sale now.

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