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Kaite Welsh

Kaite Welsh

Just before Christmas, you may have seen that we were looking for a new Features Editor. Well, we received a rather humbling amount of incredible applications, and although it pained us to only choose one person for the role, we all agreed that the magnificent Kaite Welsh was the perfect lass to join our little family.

We’re really rather excited this, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming her to the TGA fold.

“Greetings, TGA readers! I’m Kaite, the new Features Editor, and my music tastes veer from ‘socially acceptable’ through ‘painfully pretentious’ and usually end up in ‘Kaite, there’s not enough irony in the world to listen to that.’

I’m an arts journalist from London – because there aren’t enough of those around – and I’ve previously written for The Guardian, Diva, Bitch, and Mslexia. I write a monthly column on historical fiction at For Books’ Sake and I spend too much time looking at pictures of Daniel Craig on Tumblr, even though I’m a lesbian.

I’m a bit of a folkie, and I judge people based on their favourite Unthank sister (the right answer is Becky, obviously). Around 90% of my music collection is female artists, mostly because the other 10% is showtunes and nobody has written the lesbian musical I’ve been waiting for my entire life yet. I also love indie rock, twee retro pop, everything Kate Bush has ever done and classical music. Barbara Strozzi was the original riot grrl. Look her up.

When I’m alone in my living room, I scare my cats by pretending to be Florence Welch and I own a copy of Julie Andrews’ country & western album.”

With Kaite joining the team, we’re also looking for new features writers – if you’re interested in writing for TGA, please drop Kaite an email on with a little bit about yourself and why you want to write for us. Happy Monday y’all!

The Crew x

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