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Deap Vally, ‘Lies’, Communion/Island

The girl crush we have on L.A duo Deap Vally has just grown larger and whetted our appetite even further in anticipation of their debut album, which judging by the singles so far- ‘End of the World’ and ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ is going to be played on repeat for quite some time.

If you are yet to hear Deap Vally you are in for a treat. Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are a dynamic duo who met at a knitting club, inspired by heavyweights such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, they manage to take that sound and add an extra ounce of grrrl power attitude all over it, and turn it into something even more amazing.

‘Lies’ is their latest rocking masterpiece with their now trademark deep, dirty guitar riffs and vocals filled with sassy attitude. Something about the song certainly makes you feel that you wouldn’t get on the bad side of these powerful rock goddesses.

There isn’t any news yet on when an album will be released though The Girls Are are waiting with baited breath. However, the band will be playing live in the UK next month starting with a show at Brixton Academy on the 22nd February. Deap Vally’s live shows have been creating a big buzz so will definitely be worth catching if you can.

Hayley Foster da Silva

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