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Comanechi, You Owe Me Nothing, Tigertrap Records

You Owe Me Nothing But Love is the second full length release from London based Comanechi led by wild Japanese singer Akiko Matsuura. The band have recently expanded to a three piece with the addition of drummer Charlie Heaton, adding an extra layer of noise rock to their already brash-and-not-for-the-faint-hearted sound they have moulded for themselves. Comanechi received a lot of praise for their début album ‘Crime of Love’ wowing audiences with their energetic live performances and it seems that the love for this band will only grow more with the release of You Owe Me Nothing But Love.

The album itself is forty minutes of sheer brilliant frenzied noise. The first song ‘Love is The Cure’ is an incredibly catchy slice of punk, followed immediately with the Riot Grrrl tinged ’24 Hour Boyfriend’. Halfway through the album, you’re thrown off the almost bubblegum trail by epic ‘Patsy’; an almost eight minute long dark, metal track where Akiko sings “She’s a whore” with such conviction you wonder who the subject of the song might be based on. Only to sidetrack you again with the very pleasing ‘Into The Air’, much calmer than the rest of the album with its floaty feel akin to something The Raveonettes might release. ‘Mad’ has a touch of manic surf rock to it [as the name might suggest] and final track ‘Death Threat’ is pure unadulterated noise, loud guitars and incomprehensible screaming, quite a departure from the opening track.

You Owe Me Nothing But Love is appropriately enough released on Valentines Day and the band are currently touring in Japan but we will be visiting British shores in April 13th and 14th when they will making stops in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Girls Are await excitedly for more dates to be announced to catch the raucous energy of this album live and untamed.

Hayley Foster da Silva

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