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Electro grande dame Miss Kittin is making her triumphant return with the release of a brand new EP in March, and she has gifted the world with the video to its title track.

‘Bassline’ is a sleek, retro-futuristic slice of Moroder-esque synth lines and Italo house piano, which has already stuck in our heads and refuses to budge. Not that we mind, like, it’s just we’re thinking of charging it rent…. The accompanying promo clip ain’t half bad, either, seeing Kittin herself get down on a dancefloor that reminds us a bit of the grid in Tron.

Directed by graphic designer Andrew Woodhead, watch the video for ‘Bassline’ below:

The Bassline EP is out on March 25, with Miss Kittin’s third album Calling From The Stars following on April 22 via wSphere.

Amy Bell

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