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It’s hardly Woodstock but it does feel as though a new wave of psychedelic rock could be well on its way back onto our stereos. Just like Lewis when he brought the world of Wonderland to life, pyschadelia offered up a whimsical and surreal snapshot into another time, often leaning on eastern mysticism and exotic instrumentation [not to mention all those mind altering drugs!] Now with the likes of Tame Impala and their sunshine reverb and more recently, Rosalie Cunningham’s new project, Purson with their whoozy Wurlitzer keys helping to revive a sound long missed, it’s hardly surprising to find a few other bands adopting the same seventies sound.

Feeding People are one such band but ironically, this rabble was just a twinkle in their parents’ eyes back in the Hendrix haze. Yet, despite their lack of years, this band have almost certainly learnt from the greats. ‘Uranium Sea’ saunters in with a garbled, lucid guitar lick and the warm Sunday afternoon keys of The Doors, as lead singer and band founder Jessie Jones bellows “What a golden age [it is] to sell your freedom” leading effortlessly into ‘Insane’ with its rambling jams and howling vocals.

‘Red Queen’ has an air of Grace Slick’s vocal prowess and the references to the flouncing rock juggernauts of Jefferson don’t stop there as we are thrust once more down the rabbit hole in the bands ode to Alice. Far more sinister and beguiling, Jones spins round the rather foreboding warning “She lives inside the iris of my eye/ Don’t say you love me because you’ll be sorry when the Red Queen comes alive”.

Stand out track and unadulterated blues chorus perfection, ‘Big Mother’ is as the name would suggest; absolutely massive in both sound and brilliance. Racking up in a tidy 1minute and 34 seconds, this mammoth number doesn’t stick around but Jones’ glorious howl will be ringing in your head for days.

It’s not all rollicking riffs on this record though. There are some delicate moments of beauty to note. Namely, in title track ‘Island Universe’ with its fluttering and perfectly aligned melody-come-guitar-trill as we are let a little further into the bands rational behind the name; “Island Universe/ Babe, you’d never get hurt/ Where we could live forever”. For all their illustrious nods to rock royalty, this band as Jesse herself says is still finding their way, “Young and naïve, can’t we just make believe”.

They may have already won over our hearts, and our headphones, with this kaleidoscopic trip into their psyche but if Feeding People are still frolicking in Wonderland for Island Universe, we’re intrigued to see what’s next for this band.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Cheri Amour

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