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Ms Mr @ XOYO, London, 11 March

Ms Mr are truly a spectacular band to listen to, but seeing them live increases this excellent musical experience because you get to see all the energy that they throw into their music on the stage, in the form of strutting, shouting and sexy dancing. Lizzie Plapinger and Max Hershenow are a fiery duo oozing flirty confidence and New York glam.

Performing at the YOXO club in London, they adapt to the small venue well, even though I can see them suiting a much bigger venue crammed with even more fans. They open with a favourite ‘Bones’ which captures the audience’s attention by the opening notes even before they’ve strutted on to the stage. Him in cool casual checkers and her getting wolf whistles galore in a red crop top and leather jacket.

They play tracks from their latest EP Candy Bar Creep Show, including ‘Salty Sweet.’ Suiting their justified bizarre set were the striking blue backing lights matching Lizzie’s hair and the smoke machines and black out after every song making every ending dramatic.

If you need to compare them to someone it’s a good mixture. Take the dynamic of the XX, throw in the Gossip’s sound and mix it up with some of Florence And The Machine’s voice power that sounds superior, from the slow stuff right up to the upbeat dance anthems. And then maybe add a little Taylor Momsen just to get the American Rock Chick vibe – and the funny filthy language.

To add to the atmosphere of the glorious is the fact that the band genuinely seem ecstatic to be performing and interacting with the crowd. ‘Fantasy’ goes down amazingly with the vocal harmonies filling the small room and the Ms and the Mr singing face to face showing the close friendship they clearly have.

They pretend to end the set on ‘Hurricane’ singing the lyrics with panache keep my eyes open/my lips sealed/my heart closed/and my ears peeled. They then come back on to a very worked up excited room to sing a cover of Patrick Wolf’s ‘Time of My Life’; but in their glam rock style.

MsMr will be taking over the music world with their glitter cannons and cheerleaders very soon. See them when you can.

Effi Mai

Photo: Laura Cunliffe for the girls are





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  • Emma says:

    I love your review! I’m a huge fan of Secondhand Rapture after streaming it at least 10 times today. Can’t wait to pick up a copy for myself when it comes out on the 14th. If you’re a fan of “Hurricane,” they have a great video out now for it :)