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Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie

Violent Vicki, ‘City For The Rich’, Independent

If you’re a fan of music that has depth, a purpose and pushes right through the boundaries into a brand new, electric world, then Violent Vickie should definitely be on your radar.  This lady, hailing from San Francisco, California, is a pop electronica connoisseur, cooking together a pot of boiling hot beats, infused with dramatic synths and layered with her haunting vocals.  Her music speaks volumes about society and the female role within and she questions the stereotypes that have been put upon us.  There are many forms of musicians and artists in the music world; some who use music as an art form, some who communicate their deepest emotions through song, some who just want to have fun, others want to change the world and Vicki is definitely an advocator for change.

‘City for the Rich’ is one of the singles from debut album, Monster Alley, which is out now if you fancy grabbing it for your listening pleasure.  It’s densely packed with a dramatic, yet rather futuristic, synth that repeats constantly, reflecting the monotony the city can offer at times.  It conjures up imagery of the digital world, the incessant pleading from the age of ‘want it now’ and the strain that can have on the human psyche.  The electronic motif is part of the relentless build up that’s woven into the bleeps and blips of ‘City for the Rich’, a neon offering that encapsulates hints of a dystopian world whilst an infectious melody effortlessly hovers over the deeper, more sinister goings on with the symbolism of the lyrics.

One downfall (for me personally, might be the fault of some shoddy speakers) but I tend to lose track of the ghostly vocals from time to time.  Whilst the hard beats of the drum machine interlocking with the digital storm of the synths, the vocals seem to get lost such as a whisper can be snatched by a fierce breeze without warning.  A small niggle in the scheme of the things, yet can prove to be a bigger problem if parts of the story is misplaced accidentally, which is a tragedy in itself!

Violent Vicki sure is vigorously exciting, and a fine example of the stunning new music we’re spoilt with at the moment, who  has a tremendous amount to give, so make sure you keep up to date with her.

Ffion Davies

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