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The Black Angels

The Black Angels, Indigo Meadow, Blue Horizon

The Black Angels are a Texan four piece, led by Alex Maas on vocals, with fabulous drumming from their female member Stephanie Bailey. The band have released quite a few records since their formation in 2005, this album is their latest offering. Perhaps not too surprisingly the band are named after The Velvet Underground song ‘Black Angels Death Song’.

Indigo Meadow immediately takes you back to the sixties with it’s opening title song, there’s something of a spooky psychedelic feel to the song with a definite vintage feel. The really interesting thing about the album is that although it certainly takes a lot of influence from the past- ‘The Day’ has a distinct sixties pop feel to it akin to The Beatles, somehow the retro feel has merged with the new, as songs like single ‘Don’t Play With Guns’ show- it starts with a hard hitting rock intro, before it blends into a catchy psychedelic chorus that will stay stuck in your head for days. There are also songs with Eastern flavours like more introspective song ‘Holland’.

It certainly feels through the whole of Indigo Meadow that you are on some intense psychedelic journey. At times it very much made me feel like I was in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I can totally imagine Dr.Gonzo and Raoul Duke using this album as the soundtrack to their drug fuelled trip as they drive through the desert. Although on their Facebook ‘about’ page is the quest for pure sanity that is the driving force behind the group. The sound of sanity has colour, feedback, and rock riffs.

The Black Angels are currently touring in the U.S but hit our shores later this year, on June 26th at the Electrowerks in London (which has already sold out) and they are also appearing at the Hop Festival in Kent in July. Later this month, they host their very own psychedelic music festival in Texas, the ‘Austin Psych Fest’.

Hayley Foster da Silva

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