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Here Is Your Temple, ‘So High’, Bolero Recordings

‘So High’ is the forthcoming lead single from hot new Swedish shoe gaze quintet, Here Is Your Temple. Part of the fantastic wave of shoe gaze and dream pop coming out of Scandinavia at present, Here Is Your Temple offer dreamy, fuzzy, atmospheric indie rock with hints of folk and country. Already compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Beach House and Arcade Fire, this burgeoning group offer here a slow burning, weighted sound, which is direct and measured yet curious.

Interestingly, ‘So High’ has far more oomph than classic-style shoe gaze. Driven by the rockier end of the indie spectrum, ‘So High’ has a driving, paced rhythm section steered by a dynamic, harsh and persistent bass line and padded drums. There are also harsher, more metallic synth timbres than what we have, perhaps, come to expect from softer, washing waves of the modern day.

This heavy instrumental base is juxtaposed with soft, diffused, melancholic vocals, delivered with a pleasant, rounded voice and delicately interspersed harmonies. Lyrics are insightful and, at times, even leading towards the poetic; a significant achievement, perhaps, as the lyrics are in English and not the group’s native tongue. It is through these vocal exploits that the group sound most like Arcade Fire especially. Similarities in the vocals especially are very clear cut, and at times sound almost like an extract from group’s most recent Suburbs album.

‘So High’ is a pleasant track which is modestly dynamic, competent and curious, if a little lacking in originality. The single will be available to download next week as a single or as part of the group’s debut EP, also entitles So High. There are no UK tour plans for Here Is Your Temple at present.

Maria Turauskis

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