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Daughter, ‘Human’, 4AD

Indie-folk trio Daughter have released a song which is certain to secure their place in the hearts of many this summer. ‘Human’, the latest single to be taken from debut album If You Leave, sounds a lot like it could be the indie soundtrack to this year’s warmer months.

Structured distortion leading into distinctive acoustic strumming and excitable drum work, the single starts strong and continues to build strength throughout. “Woken up like an animal/teeth ready for sinking” these opening lyrics could feel overwhelmingly vicious, or perhaps overtly sexualised, when placed in the vocal chords of any other singer, but Elena Tonra leaves the lyrics ringing with mystery.

Her voice feels like the chilled cider you reach for when you’re parched; soothing but provides an unexpected kick. The guitar and drums could become too excited, too epic for a folk single were it not for her restrained, controlled vocals drawing the elements together for a passionate yet professional record.

It’s impossible not to listen to this single without envisioning sun-soaked fields and floaty dresses, daisy chains wrapped up in long, wavy hair. It’s a pure joy to listen to and promises a huge amount of potential from the band within the next few years.

Gina Kershaw

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