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She and Him, ‘Never Wanted Your Love’, Double Six Records

‘Never Wanted Your Love’, the first single to be released from the greatly anticipated new album Volume 3, will be adored by a plethora of She and Him fans as much as it will be skipped over by others. Zooey Deschanel, revered for her husky indie-pop vocals, reminiscent of a golden age of music, has taken on a strong country twang in this latest single which, while complimenting her style gorgeously, was greatly unexpected.

The opening music is a compilation of sweeping strings, not entirely dissimilar from some of the work of Regina Spector. However, rather than the surreal vocals we’ve come to associate with such music, we are instead treated to a side of Zooey not often seen before.“I can’t help it/ I can’t win”; these are the lyrics of a woman wronged and is there any greater example of heartbreak than in the classic country hits? Dolly Parton herself is a fantastic example of a woman expressing her heart’s worst fear over a perky musical accompaniment, and it’s impossible to ignore this association in She and Him’s latest offering.

Incredibly strong, strangely up-lifting; you’re going to love it or hate it.

Gina Kershaw

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