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‘Hangover’ is the upcoming single from Sao Paulo’s famous electro-indie darlings Cansei de Sur Sexy, aka CSS.

As a key element of the nu-rave scene through 2006-7, CSS were a beacon of energy and effervescence, offering listeners vibrant, exciting and unbridled music that was fast paced, humorous and sexy. Now, however, the group are in their tenth year together, are on the cusp of their forth album, and with the tumultuous exit of key member Adriano Cintra last year, the group find themselves as an all-woman outfit, with a decidedly more mellow, sultry musical vibe than before.

For those that are used to previous CSS efforts, ‘Hangover’ could be initially perceived of as a little lack lustre. The beat is tepid, the timbres are mellow, and Lovefoxxx’s vocal delivery is measured and heavy rather than manic and jubilant. This track is a slow burner, however, and through multiple listens ‘Hangover’ slowly hooks the audience in, presenting music that is as relaxed, pleasant and nonchalant as a balmy summer’s eve.

This tropical vibe is enhanced by charismatic brass hits, which are warm with rocksteady and dub influences. This new angle adds hints of the likes of Friends, Haim and No Doubt to the music, but ultimately this track is still 100% CSS. The electro vibe is perfectly evident, with plenty of gloriously diverse synth timbres splattered about in a disconnected and messy way that still totally works, and the vocals have strategically placed pep here and there, with under-developed yet charming lyrics and catchy chorus hooks.

‘Hangover’ is available from next week to download, and the new album entitled Planta, is available as a physical release and to download on SQE from 10 June 2013. CSS are due to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties, as well as a number of other UK tour dates in May.

Maria Turauskis

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