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To borrow from a classic piece of highbrow cinema, the world is essentially “run by the man”. For those of you who don’t know this man – well, he’s in the White House, he’s down the hall, he’s made it onto the Forbes Rich List with his billions of bonds, private equity and shares. The man burnt down the ozone and brought on the recession with his welfare reforms and coalition taxes. The man charges £200 for a festival where most tickets are sold out to ticket touts and schemers who will make you buy back said entrance for an astonishing price – as well as ultimately a pretty questionable line-up, chain-name food stalls and every other beer-swilling festival goer and his dog.

But what if you could find a way to rise above all this? What if there were a group of people dedicated to producing something pure and creative? Not to mention enough people to back and support this idea into creating something wholly exciting? Luckily for you, the girls are might have stumbled upon that very thing and what’s more, you can come and join us there this summer!

Named 2012’s ‘Best Independent Festival’ by the Association Of Independent Music, LeeFest began life when a schoolboy (no surprises that he went by the name of, er, Lee) broke the rules – in a constructive way, mind – to provide opportunities and support to a community of artists, thinkers and doers to carefully craft this festival. Registered as an entirely non-profit social enterprise, LeeFest operates through a board of directors, charmingly titled The Campfire Cabinet, to make decisions about the way the organisation and festival is run.

LeeFest - Rebecca Slow Club

Following last month’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for funding, LeeFest returns fromJuly 12-14 to its Bromley-based surroundings to bring you a whole wealth of artistic collectives, emerging musicians and glitter wrestling! Organisers have announced that Noisettes will return back to their South London roots to head up the bill, while Brooklyn quintet Friends bring their dance pop delights along for the weekend. Londoners Clean Bandit, fresh from their recent seaside set at The Great Escape just a few weeks back, also make it onto the listings, alongside psych pop Liverpudlians Stealing Sheep, 21st century soul singer Lulu James and 6 Music favourite Misty Miller, who all join Shingai Shoniwa and co for the three-day event. Check out the full list of artists announced thus far over here.

Literary highlights include Apples and Snakes, the UK’s leading organisation for performance poetry and spoken word, and Whistlestop Theatre, bringing Shakespearian comedy (with a twist) to SE London. The LeeFest cinema will be hosted by Union Works, offering an eclectic programme of films over the festival weekend, and Tickled Pig return to provide some comic relief.

Weekend tickets are available for a mere £70, and the festival even provides its own LeeFest bus from both Bromley and East Croydon station to help you on your way to its idyllic working farm surroundings. No excuses, really?

LeeFest; sticking it to the man, South London style.

Cheri Amour

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