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Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea, ‘We’re So Lost’, Lil’ Chief Records/Cargo

If experience has taught us anything it’s that it’s always the quiet ones. Hailing from New Zealand, Chelsea Nikkel, a.k.a Princess Chelsea has been stealthily gathering critical acclaim under all our noses, fostering a secret fanbase and being our new favourite artist without us even knowing about it. After the release of her debut album Lil Golden Book, she’s started to cause a rumble and now it’s time to start paying attention

If you have any doubts, her new single ‘We’re So Lost’ will swiftly abate them. An electronic ode shot through with tinkling fairground noises and swaying synths, it’s curiously beautiful and suddenly puts the ‘Chamber Pop’ tag into context. “We’re so lost/We’re in danger”, she laments in a way that is ambiguous though no less sad, laced with dark andpretty power.

B side ‘When the World Turns Grey’ is a creepy lullaby of a love story turned sour. Led by a simple piano and underscored with somber melodies, it’s candid and inviting, though for all her girlish, infantile vocals, it’s a false sense of security you’re lured into; She’s no wallflower, more likely to tie you up with skipping ropes than play with them.

Princess Chelsea may yet be a premature moniker; whether or not she’s set to take the throne of leftfield electro pop is unsure, but we’ve already signed up as her loyal subjects.

Emma Smith 

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