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Colour Me Wednesday
Colour Me Wednesday
Colour Me Wednesday, ‘Shut’, Discount Horse Records
the girls are can name many inspiring female musicians who’ve channelled their creativity through multiple guises, from Lydia Lunch to Bjork to Juliana Hatfield and Amelia Fletcher. But how many can you think of who’ve been in two of the best bands of their generation at the same time? That’s the achievement of Harriet Doveton, bass player with The Tuts and guitar player with Colour Me Wednesday. The recent success of The Tuts (busy reaching a whole new audience on the Kate Nash tour) is a clue to the recent radio silence of the Wednesdays, the other reason being the completion of their debut album, out soon on the Discount Horse label.
This week sees the release of their first single and video from the album, the self-directed and self-recorded ‘Shut’:

Colour Me Wednesday’s trademark indie-punk sound is in full effect, while the quality of the songwriting on display, as ever, lifts the material high above genre limitations. And there’s a multi-dimensional aspect to the band that allows a growing and varied fanbase to see themselves reflected within; their contemporaries relate to the band’s narrative concerns and current musical muses while other fans hear echoes of groups (and ideals) often long gone and much missed. So ‘Shut’ has already been compared to 80’s indie heroes The Popguns, while somehow their gift for the lyrical fusion of personal and political themes into punk-edged pop harmonies recalls no-one so much as The Jam, hardly a well-worn comparison at the girls are.
‘Shut’ is available now on bandcamp. ‘I Thought It Was Morning’ is released in July on CD/LP and download.
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