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the horn the hunt

The Horn The Hunt @ Shacklewell Arms, London July

The girls are hide from the remarkably HOT London sun in the oven-like back room of Dalston’s Shacklewell Arms to experience The Horn The Hunt’s stripped down warm-up set before recording in Brixton later in the week.

Dressed down from their usual sparkling costumes, The Horn The Hunt retain their underworld-ly stage presence as Joe Osborne hulks over his guitar and Clare Carter shimmers above her synthesiser. Their music emerges both murky and glimmering, like a fish seen slipping through river reeds.

Tracks from album Terrafidella, out this autumn, slink out through the venue’s low-key p.a.. The epic reach of songs like ‘Monolith’ are at odds with the urban setting of the Shacklewell Arms, but they still somehow work to evoke a mood, a passing nostalgia, a reverie.This short six-song set only dips its toe into the band’s repertoire, but it works as an introduction to what The Horn The Hunt are attempting. Songs like ‘Black Fire’ and ‘On a Small Plateau’ are human responses to wilderness. The loneliness of Clare’s voice in amongst the electronic instrumentation resonates through the fidgety crowd. In the sweaty backroom of the East London pub, we feel that we can see plains of rock, oceans of water, fields of grass.

It’s lonely music but it’s comforting too. It communicates pockets of stillness. Tonight’s set is hampered only by the sound system and the venue acoustics. When this band hit their stride and play venues more suited to their sound the gigs will be amazing.

Arike Oke

The Horn The Hunt play Beacons festival in August.

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