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Fist City

Fist City, It’s 1983, Grow Up!, Black Tent Press

The latest release from Fist City, Its 1983, Grow Up!, works as a fantastic introduction to the band, showcasing the vast talent of the Canadian four-piece. With huge ranges of influenced from the past five decades, you feel as though you are in the presence of four fellow music geeks who are having a lot of fun in their Aunt’s garage.

It’s a collection of music which requires you to listen from start to finish. The opening riff of ‘Boring Kids’ leads you to believe you’re about to listen to a pretty typical chart group, but they’re quick to quash this assumption with a song which combines 70’s punk with noughties underground indie.

‘Weak End’ showcases the band’s sixties influences, proving that there is a way to make psychedelic music modern and original again as they give a complete face lift to the genre while still paying tribute to the original form. ‘Caveman’s Lunch’ and ‘Wet Freaks’ are two highlights of the collection, with hints of The Strokes and The White Stripes just tip-toeing on the edges of the tracks. Images of summer road trips and week-long camping came to mind – surely, a strong contender for the festival scene.

The Bowie-infused ‘Fuck’ was another favourite, as homage to the musical icon was made in the vocal style while the musical accompaniment has hints of alt 80’s rock. The closing track ‘Never Bored’ is incredibly strong as a conclusion to the experience, proving that it is possible to end an album properly without resorting to sad acoustic numbers or simply throwing on another track.

Fans of all of the mentioned influences will love this, as well as those who enjoy the likes of British Sea Power and Tame Impala’s early EP’s. An incredibly strong LP from a band who are clearly in love with 20th century music, and who have shown us how it’s possible to take influence and yet create something truly unique. If you’re bored of the shouts and repetitive riffs of many of the main players on the indie scene at the minute, you’re going to want to buy this.

Gina Kershaw


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