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Daughter, ‘Youth’, 4AD

New from beautifully melancholic indie-folk band Daughter is ‘Youth’, the third single released from the bands critically acclaimed debut, If You Leave.

The track opens with a gracefully arresting, highly on-trend guitar part, with delicate, quietly reverberating timbres placed over elegant, beguiling chord progressions. This simple yet expressive beginning is complimented by front woman, Elena Tonra’s prepossessing vocal style. Her soft, contained, yet very closely mic’d vocals captivate completely and utterly when combined with their already piercingly eloquent and insightful lyrics which, in typical Daughter style, are as painful and dramatic as they are resonant.

As the track develops, a confident, expansive sound emerges. Perfectly layered in waves that rise and fall, the track varies from full bodied and rich sections with more sweeping soundscapes filled with especially well-placed percussion, to recurrent interludes of fragility and quiet. Throughout, lyrics and music mirror each other perfectly in ambiance and purpose to create a track that is slick, fully formed and impressive – almost captivatingly so.

‘Youth’ is available from next week to download. Daughter are just coming to the end of their stint supporting The National on their US tour, and are set to play at various festivals throughout the UK and Europe in August and September.

Maria Turauskis

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