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Body/Head, Coming Apart, Matador 16 September 2013

Wow, so we’d read somewhere that this record was to be more ‘song orientated’. And we’d had seen the two parts of Body/Head (Kim Gordon and Bill Nace) perform a few times with increasingly discernible ‘sets’ from sitting at Kim’s feet in Cafe OTO, to wrapped in darkness faced by blueness discordancy at Supersonic, to their beautiful rhythmic parentheticisation by Ikue Mori at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown. So we were expecting, what, maybe a step down from the whirling dream to woke-up state experience we have heard from Body/Head so far. This, Coming Apart, is not a step down. It’s not a step away, even. It’s an evolution of vocalising, feedbacking, caterwauling, percussion dropping, barely melodic threads of drone.

It makes you want to say, ‘drone is my favourite. I love drone,’ and barely understand. It is breaking apart sentences here, grammar too. We’re trying to explain it in words when Kim Gordon uses so few to such great effect.

It’s a great record.

It is not song-based, particularly, but it does have episodes. It spans longing (‘Abstract’), vengefulness (‘Frontal’), confidence (‘Aint’), remorse (‘Black’). It is a document and a rebuttal. It is none of these things. It is what comes on an unplugged cathode ray tube television in a motel in America at night when everyone, including you, has gone to sleep.

Arike Oke

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