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Mazzy Star, Seasons of Your Day, Rhymes of an Hour Records

Mazzy Star seemed to disappear as soon as they arrived on the music scene. In much the same style of their quiet, unassuming hits, the band slinked back  from the spotlight of the public, seemingly for good. It was with great joy and surprise then that they appeared once more with Seasons of Your Day, though no one can deny feeling cautious about approaching this record. Quite amazingly, this offering will make you feel as though they have never been away.

From the slight echo of the vocal recording to the perfectly subtle and understated guitar, this album is absolutely pitch-perfect and will overjoy fans and newcomers alike. The first single to be released from the album, ‘California’, is a true Mazzy Star piece of music, all atmosphere and pure euphoria. Only previous offering ‘Into Dust’ can compare to this stunning single as Hope Sandoval’s vocals will haunt you for weeks to come.

‘I’ve Gotta Stop’ is sure to be a huge hit as we see where some of Lana Del Ray’s lyrical influence comes from. Meanwhile, ‘Does Somebody Have Your Baby Now’ feels like a subtle tribute to the likes of Dolly Parton and her country style, successfully blending that particular genre with subtle acoustic psychedelia.

Title track ‘Seasons of Your Day’ is a glorious number which sees the duo take influence from some of the tamer records of Sufjan Stevens.

Finally, the introduction of closing track is pure, unadulterated country which will take listeners unawares – you can’t help but think you’re listening to a Seasick Steve piece before Sandoval’s smooth lyrics shine out on top. It’s the closest Mazzy Star will ever get to a party track, so enjoy it!

All in all, it’s an absolutely wonderful album which shows that just because Mazzy Star haven’t been releasing music, doesn’t mean they haven’t still be doing what they do best. Each and every listener to this particular album will feel as though the duo are personally performing to them, as is the intimate nature of the record, and it’s a gloriously personal experience.

Gina Kershaw

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