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Frankie Rose, Herein Wild, Fat Possum

You may know Frankie Rose from being a prominent part of the Brooklyn garage-rock scene. The Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Frankie Rose and the Outs are just a few of Frankie’s musical conquests. Now, however, it seems she wants to make a name for herself. All by herself. Continuing to leave The Outs out of it completely, so to speak.

It’s clear that Frankie hasn’t forgotten her roots entirely as the album opener, ‘For Me’ still carries the same grit of a garage-rock song, but this doesn’t continue for the rest of the album, as the tempo gradually reduces in parts and we are transported into dream-like drones of 80s pop ballads. It doesn’t quite lift itself with punchy pop songs like ‘Know Me’ or ‘Gospel/Grace’ in Interstellar, but Herein Wild shows Frankie Rose is taking a slight musical diversion, but not so much that we barely recognize her, just enough to show that, this time, strings are overriding the synths.

The album ringleader ‘Sorrow’ is poignant and poetical, with every rhyme or half-rhyme you can think of: “Don’t ask me why, why there is sorrow / Don’t ask me why it’s so hollow. / Don’t ask me why, why we don’t follow / Why we must beg, steal and borrow.” Frankie Rose’s vocals are harmonious and hypnotic throughout, especially in more down-tempo tracks, such as ‘Requiem.’ In ‘Cliffs so High,’ Rose’s tuneful tones are used as an embellishment to a minimal, musical background, creating enriched echoes in a spell-binding song. Rose takes on a cover of The Damned’s, ‘Street of Dreams’ where the opening few chords continue the 1980s pop-ballad theme of the record. Staying true to the original, the track also exudes exhilarating melodies which helps to create a darker, more Gothic feel to the song. Rose shows confidence and genius, creating her own, distinguished version on a previous classic.

Herein Wild is the perfect soundtrack to the Wintry months ahead with ten tracks jam-packed with haunting hues, which are made all the more appealing when listening on a rainy day. Frankie Rose, with her overflowing musical curriculum vitae, is a pro within her own right. The Brooklyn songstress embarks on a European tour this December.

Charlie Croft

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