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X Factor Disco Week

The week before last we saw the curse of the girl groups hit hard. How many female acts did that leave us with? What? Four? Okay, but how many did we start off with? Seven? What?! We’ve nearly halved the amount of women in the competition in the first three weeks?! Unacceptable.

And so, it’s not that I’m glad to see Kingsland Road go, its just that I’m glad we didn’t see another female act go.

All in all, disco was a pretty good choice for last week given that we could all pretend that there was nothing wrong with the fact that the only one male act has ended up in the bottom two compared to six female ones so far, by returning to a musical era that took place when women were still fighting for equal pay. Who am I kidding. There aren’t enough mirror balls in the world to hide the axing of women on this show.

I will say one thing about disco though, disco’s great because most of the female vocal songs are angry and shouty. Case in point, Sam Bailey, Enough is Enough. I believed her, did you believe her? I think even her husband believed her. He’d be right to be worried.

The boys were a total yawn-fest again, seriously, who is voting for you? How is it that week after week women pile into the bottom two while the boys category goes by unscathed? Louis probably forking out his redundancy package.

When it comes to the groups Gary might only have one basket, but his eggs are more than good. What is not to like about Rough Copy? I can’t think of a group I’ve liked on a talent show so much ever – Little Mix were great but this just shows why its even better to have that time together first. I can’t wait to see what they do with the big band.

The girls? The excellent girls? The excellent girls that have somehow ended up in the final two for the last fortnight?! I think it’s quite excellent that the best category is the one filled with women but it seems I’m the only one out there that thinks so. Last week Hannah Barrett gave me the goosebumps (as usual) and saved herself from the bottom two. Can we all please agree that she seems like the nicest person out there? Has there ever been a more likeable contestant than her? ‘Your dress is nice’ says Dermot, ‘I can’t breathe and its hard to go to the toilet in’ she responds. Woman after my own heart. Last week we also finally we saw the return of Souli Roots Abi Alton, equipped with a massive mirrorball piano singing I Will Survive in her own arrangement – hooray! The strength of Tamera Foster’s voice was actually quite astonishing when she sang Wishing On a Star, but that didn’t stop the voting public from saying a big fat NOPE and throwing her to the wolves. I just don’t get why they’ve been ending up in the bottom two. I mean what’s great about the girls category is that we have three totally different acts, we’ve got the popstar, the voice and the artist (whatever the word artist really means). There should be no split of the vote there. There’s diversity (not the dance act) unlike the boys category that can only be summed up as, beige, beige and beige.

Lets hope that tomorrow night is big band and not big bland.

Tori Cann

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