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The X Factor Big Band Week

The X Factor Big Band Week

This week is glittery poppy week big band week and it was all a bit safe for my liking. Remember when Alexandra Burke did Xtina’s Candyman? There was none of that this week and that is exactly what this week could have done with.

We’ll start with the girls because they’re ace and I usually save them until last. So, Abi opened the show singing That’s Life and it was all perfectly lovely. She said it was her best performance so that probably means she’ll be in the bottom two. Hannah was the one I was waiting for this week and she was singing A Man’s World. Great song. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her. Tamera was in the bottom two last week so she came back and told us all to cry her a river. That is hands down my favourite big band song, but it did Susanne Manning no favours in 2003, so lets hope that the voting public listen to the pleas of Gary Barlow and keep her out of the bottom two. Last week I was wishing for an all girl final. This weekend I’m just hoping its not an all girl bottom two. Not when there are so many lacklustre male acts anyway.

Luke Friend looked like he’d been rummaging in Hugh Heffner’s dressing gown cupboard this week and the judges didn’t like it. I can’t even remember what he sang, it was that memorable. Meanwhile Nicholas sang Dream a Little Dream so smoothly the Chihuahua I’m dogsitting chilled out. Sam Callahan on the other hand did a bit of a Robbie Williams which, as someone that is the opposite of a Robbie Williams fan, was not ideal for me.

Rough Copy sang a song that goes nowhere and made it go somewhere. Another Saturday, another great job from Rough Copy.

Show stealer? Sam Bailey hands down.  She sang the hell out of New York and for the first time I could understand what all the women on Gogglebox are so excited about. When she sang I felt like Christmas on Ally McBeal. That is one of my favourite feelings so well done you Sam Bailey.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an all boy bottom two, sounds harsh but the girls really don’t deserve it. In reality I reckon we’ll see Hannah and Abi battle it out. I wouldn’t fancy Abi’s chances if that were to be the predicament.

Tori Cann

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