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Fronted by Zoe Kravitz, Lolawolf display no trace of her famous father’s influence in her musical direction, if this release is any indication.

Kravitz’s voice has a slightly dissociative quality. That of a singer who won’t meet your eyes, who is singing to themselves but self-consciously. This is not to mean that her vocals sound under confident, it’s not quite that.

From ‘Drive’’s downbeats into next song ‘What Love Is’ the vocals switch up through a rusty filtered effect. Bright keys contrast with the relatively sulky sounding ‘Chainz’. There is something of Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ about ‘Too Lovely’, bringing yet another tone to this collage of emotions and sounds.

With alternating smooth and greasy production throughout the record, it’s difficult to see who the audience for this band are. Not being easily pigeon-holed can’t be a bad thing and the band seem quite happy to sound both young and poppy at the same time as they sound jaded and synthy. ‘Wanna Have Fun’ illustrates this dichotomy: a naïve melody opening morphs into a shoegazy romance.

With this varied taster, it’s going to be fun watching out what for Lolawolf do next.

Arike Oke

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