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DeLooze_02by Domingo Nardulli

DeLooze_02by Domingo Nardulli

Image Credit:  Domingo Nardulli

Delooze is the brainchild of musical and visual artist, Stacey Delooze; an artist who bridges the gaps between light and dark with her grandiose pop sensibilities. Forthcoming debut Glass Army explores this essential juxtaposition and also sees Delooze committing to breaking down dualities and discovering the wealth of transcendent space between two identities. Teaming up once again with Goldsmith alumni Mikko Gordon (Atoms for Peace, FEMME) Delooze’s debut is steeped in dark narratives and, quite literally, a call-to-arms. Raising funds for the album via an online pledge campaign, Delooze has seen a legion of fans swarm to her side to support the project in return for exclusive content and live experiences; most recently, a seat at the album listening party and backstage passes to the album launch.

The Girls Are is no stranger to applauding the innovative approach to b(r)and experiences with Blood Red Shoes’ recent European scavenger hunt to unlock their teaser track to album number four. So how does Delooze feel platforms like this go on to help or hinder an artist and what does this say about the current state of the industry?

“I’ve come to realise that the current state of the music industry is no longer being seen as a problem for new artists. A lot of the major labels are scratching their heads about what to do with the fresh, new and inventive artists – who can now write, record and produce everything themselves”. She continues: “We are now in a good place to be able to create new styles without the fear that taking risks could be seen as a problem. With opportunity platforms such as Pledge Music and Kickstarter, more and more artists are becoming so self sufficient that we have more freedom to create and don’t just go along with what’s trending just to fit in and be accepted”.

Platforms like Pledge Music have also led to a more personal relationship with the fans; a perk that has led to similar funding for future releases. “Just this week, we were awarded the Emerging Excellence Award which means the album tour will be funded too, which we are over the moon about this”. Offering grants of up to £3,000 to fund development projects for anyone from unsigned bands to classical string quartets, Delooze is in good company alongside the 27 selected artists this year which includes gloom pop songstress, F.U.R.S and Welsh fivesome, Cut Ribbons.

Born from the same pop noir as Siouxsie Sioux and, more topically, Kate Bush herself, it’s fair to say some of this dark nature is evident within the bands artwork too; the current press shot finds Delooze in brooding grey filter handling a whole human heart. With the exclusive remix of recent single ‘Death Star’ being hosted over at London based culture publication, Hunger Magazine, is it fair to say that the visual nature of performance important is just as important for Delooze as an artist? “With an album like this, it’s important that the imagery is vivid enough to tell a story and take you on a journey with its theatrical style and meaning”. Growing up listening to beaten out tapes of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bush’s The Kick Inside, it’s no surprise to hear that the band adopts some of the same visual drama and iconic imagery within its live performances too. “Image is of almost equal importance to the music I would say. People nowadays still buy into the whole visual and audio experience especially as there is so much emphasis on the live show than ever before”.

With the new record set for release next month, what’s next for Delooze and her Glass Army? Festival season will begin for us in Brighton at The Great Escape in May and then it’s straight back into the studio for me for album number two”. Prolific in her songwriting and progressive in her concepts, Delooze is an artist marching to the beat of a different drum.

Delooze will play their album launch at Electrowerkz, London on 16th April. Glass Army is out the same day.

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Full Glass Army UK tour:

09.04.2014 – Castle Hotel, Manchester

10.04.2014 – Hairy Dog, Derby

11.04.2014 – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich

12.04.2014 – Rock City, Nottingham

16.04.2014 – Album Launch Show – Electrowerkz, London

17.04.2014 – Gwdihw, Cardiff

19.04.2014 – Cavern Club, Exeter)

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