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Israeli songwriter, rapper, producer and all-round talented type Liat Fridberg has released the first single from her solo project LiHot, for which she has also premiered a video.

Born and raised in the streets of Tel Aviv, LiHot performed in ska band Cuban B before packing up and heading to Hollywood. ‘Broken Record’,  the teaser track in question, sees LiHot taking on songwriting, recording and production duties.

Channeling some of the same street-wheelin’ style as M.I.A.‘s ‘Bad Girls’ clip, the video was filmed on the highway in Israel during Yom Kippur; the holiest and most important holiday of Judaism (and incidentally, when you won’t find any cars gunning past your rad Pashley trike). Watch the video for ‘Broken Record’ below:

Download ‘Broken Record’ over at LiHot’s Soundcloud page.

Cheri Amour

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