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Kylie Minogue, Into the Blue, Parlophone

‘Into the Blue’, the lead single from Kylie’s latest record, Kiss Me Once, is pure club hit. It’s the banger Miley Cyrus should’ve been aiming for on her optimistically titled 2013 record. Women and men will push the air with their palms up and heads back. It seems as though Kylie has spent most of the second half of her pop career trying to graduate from pop princess to pop queen. ‘Into the Blue’ pushes on doors which are open. Kylie gives full vent to her ambitions with crazed-grammar lyrics, “Don’t need no-one to rescue me/ Cause I ain’t waiting up for no miracle” (does a quadruple negative equal a positive?) With an edge of melancholy hinted at, “I paved the road that made me lonely”, this track is a master class in emotional pop: you can read whatever you’re currently experiencing into it, from hope to despair.

A classic Kylie power track, it’s the sound of an artist utterly confident in her field. Kylie proves that high energy and vivacity aren’t out of reach either when you’re no longer a twentysomething popstrel, although her subsequent video release, ‘Sexercise’, shows that an earlier Kylie incarnation ‘SexKylie’ is still very much in the room. With a more contemporary production that ‘Into the Blue’ this song drips with overheated references, but without any lasting effect. The ‘Sexercise’-esque tracks on her latest record suggest she’s quite happy to go along with the current Pop Matriarchy’s interest in sex as a song subject (cf all from Miley to Beyonce, including Rihanna, Shakira and all others around and between)

Either way, both tracks showcase Kylie’s pop chops: she could do this blindfolded (and possibly does).

Arike Oke

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